About Software AG

Software AG helps you create effortlessly connected experiences for your customers, employees and partners with an enterprise-grade iPaaS that integrates anything, anywhere, any way you want. By bringing application, data, API and B2B integration together in the same platform, you can run a high-performing enterprise and constantly improve it based on data.

Get end-to-end visibility and governance across geographies, IT environments, and complex business ecosystems, with hybrid multi-cloud connectivity, and enterprise-grade security relied on by the most powerful banks, governments, and corporations in the world.

Trusted by the world’s best brands for more than 50 years, our technology and team of integration enthusiasts will make sure that integration is a driver of innovation for your enterprise.

Ready to make integration really work for you? Now you can. Finally.

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IT- and Cybersecurity Consulting Since 1974

Advancing digititalization and the need for innovation pose major challenges for companies, armed forces, public agencies and organizations with security tasks. IT systems need to be designed and implemented consistently and sustainably, taking into account existing standardizations, required interfaces and relevant specifications. When developing new IT systems, the integration into existing systems, among other things, is of great importance. Given the constantly rising number of IT systems, this signifies the increasing importance of a holistic view and documentation. The early consideration of architecture allows new systems to be designed in a consistent way and to be implemented more sustainably.

With increasing digitization and increasing data volume, not only the demands on technical performance of IT systems increase, but also on evaluation and interpretation of data. Even with consistently implemented data management, it is becoming more and more difficult to extract complex facts from large amounts of data. As a result, valuable insights that lie dormant in data remain unused and cannot be used to support decision-making. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers the opportunity to use corporate data to achieve value-added innovations or to drive the development of new capabilities within the armed forces.

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Trusted PDF & eSign Software for All Industries

Nitro is a multi-featured PDF editor, eSign solution and real-time analytics tool with document security, compliance and user trust at its core. It is available for single users, teams of all sizes and large enterprise organizations across industries on Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

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