• Best practices: Selected business cases
  • Matchmaking: Interests and competencies of all attendees
  • Networking: Matched and pre-arranged one on one meetings
  • Workshops: Confidential peer discussions
  • High level: Colleagues in similar positions
  • Decision support: Knowledge of an elite network for your projects, strategies and ideas
  • Ultra efficient: Personal agenda – optimal time invest
  • Chill out: Informal networking at after-event bar meeting
  • Online community and archive: Access new contacts and knowledge after the event

Digital Transformation – Big Data – AI – Industry 4.0

To master Industry 4.0 is key for future competitiveness in manufacturing industries by enabling best-in-class resource allocation while achieving highest customer satisfaction through digital technologies. IoT, Big Data, AI, new manufacturing technologies and enhanced 5G connectivity form the technological base for smart connected products, intelligent supply chains, lean factories and digital business models, making it easier to apply major transformations.

In a macroeconomic perspective Industry 4.0 helps to shape a more decentralized, risk averse and sustainable world in times of rising global tensions and environmental problems. Industry 4.0 bears the potential for a meaningful re-industrialization in Europe and North America to become less dependent in strategic key areas.

Leaders Dialog is offering a platform for executives to discuss this ongoing industrial transformation and to exchange thoughts and experiences with leaders from other companies, leading experts and scientists.

The Data Challenge

Data is key in the connected 4.0 economy. Yet no company has been able to fully unlock the potential Big Data and AI bear for supporting strategies, business models, practices and products. Front-runners proved well-applied big data analytics and AI can be decisive for a competitive edge. We’ve been discussing many of these cases at our Dialogs in recent years.

It goes without saying companies need a data strategy – based on a solid data governance framework – to be successful. The never-ending increase of connected touchpoints in digitalized societies makes it easy to collect huge amounts of data and data science helps to decide which data to collect and how to analyze it. But complex Big Data and AI ecosystems bear the risk of choosing wrong suppliers, partners and architecture. “One size fits all” does not exist. For more orientation digitalzation and data leaders discuss diverse strategies and use cases at this summit.

It is challenging for executives and their teams to develop future proof strategies in a VUCA world. At Leaders Dialog we discuss latest digitalization trends, new business models and new ways of management. We look into the latest implications and applications of AI, Big Data, Servitization and Industry 4.0.

Discussion Points

  • Industry 4.0 Strategy 
  • New Business Models (digital, service-oriented) 
  • Current Transformation Trends 
  • Decentralization 
  • New Manufacturing Methods (adaptive manufacturing, microfactories etc.) 
  • Intelligent Supply Chains 
  • Connected Products 
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 
  • Big Data & Predictive Analytics 
  • ML / AI 
  • Customer Centricity 
  • Individualization and Batch Size 1 
  • Managing Complexity 
  • Achieving sustainability through Industry 4.0 (reduce carbon footprint, foster circular economy etc.) 
  • Cloud Strategy 
  • Innovation Management 
  • Management Methods for More Creativity and Innovation 
  • Technological Ecosystems 
  • Startups – Make or Buy? 
  • Blockchain – Fields for Applications 
  • IT Legacy – Integrate or Dispose? 
  • Data Science 
  • Data Governance 
  • Data Fabric 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • Algorithmic Trust 
  • Ecosystems and Partner Strategies 
  • Digital Customer Journeys 
  • Total Experience (TX) 
  • Distributed Enterprise 
  • Composable Enterprise 
  • Hyperautomation 
  • Major Regulatory Trends